This is the first and best style blog dedicated to Camila Cabello of Fifth Harmony, who were finalists in Season 2 of the X Factor USA! Requests are Open!
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wakingmeuup: Do you know where I can find a pink onesis like Camila's?

We have a couple posts in /tagged/onesies! You can get her exact one from OnePiece xx

Easter Inspired Outfits

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pearly-dewdrops-dropp: Can you do an Easter inspired outfit :))

I’m already doing one, I’ll post it later today! Xx

Anonymous: How would you describe camila's style?

It depends whether her stage style or causal style, but I would say that overall it’s pretty fun, preppy, casual, and girly xx

Cold Weather Travel Inspired

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Yellow Shorts Inspired

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Anonymous: hi! that is actually a hotel room! Camila's room is pink! We saw a glimpse of it january after their season of the x factor when the girls did a google chat when they were all home!



Anonymous: Not sure if you've already gotten this question but do you mind setting out some clothes for the beach that Camila would wear? Preferably miami weather please

What stores or price range?


Anonymous: Updated hair inspired please?

What do you mean, she usually wears her hair down, parted to the side, curled or straighten and sometimes up in a ponytail!


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